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By Ashley, Age 27, AZ
Out of these things, which is worse?
Walking around all day with something on your face
Walking around all day with stuff in your teeth

The Girl who was Crushed by her Crush
Okay, well I liked this boy a lot. This was when I was twelve, and in the sixth grade. So I told one of my friends I liked this boy, and she told me she had the boy's number. She gave it to me, so I was ...
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A Wet Day
Okay, so one day, my friend was having a little party so a bunch of us girls went over and we hung out and had pizza and stuff. We got bored and we decided to go to the huge fountain at the park down the ...
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Wrong Shower Time
Okay, so this happened just a couple months ago. I was staying at my boyfriend's house while my parents were out of town. It was early in the morning and I decided to take a shower. My boyfriend ...
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Never Tell ANYONE you like someone
Well, I've been talking to my crush for along time (just a heads up he's 5 years older than me) and he knows that I like him...alot, even my dad told him. Anyway, so I told a couple ...
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My First Kiss went like this...
Well, it wasn't actually my first, it was my fifth or something. But, I was leaving school for my ride home and my boyfriend was standing in the hall. I went to kiss him but then realized his home ...
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Nacked Raft
Okay, so my friend James (who is one year older than me)and I are best friends. I know he likes me and he knows that I know that he likes me. I just ignored that information and we still acted like best ...
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Bedroom Blunder
I just joined a new academy, as I`ve been sent away by my parent`s to become better mannered and stuff.
So, I take my stuff into a room at the beginning of the semester, and start talking to the ...
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Monster energy drinks and baseball don't combine
Well, I was 12 when this happened. It was before baseball practice and I decided I'd drink a monster energy drink. I was at this weekly firehouse party before I had to go to practice so I had some junk food. Well ...
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Trick by the Family
When I was fifteen years old, I went to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving with my family. My parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were there. There were 13 of us. The first day we got ...
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It was my 16th birthday..
So it was my 16th birthday and there was no hype to it, I didn't plan anything and just got a few greets by email in the morning. No one was home and I wanted to try out waxing my bikini line. I went into ...
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